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March 8, 2021

Quantstamp is honored to have secured the smart contracts involved in tokenizing one of the most valuable art projects in the NFT space. 

Back in January, we participated in Metapalooza, a virtual festival celebrating metaverse art, music, culture, and—most notably—the launch of B.20, a tokenized NFT bundle by famed crypto artist Mike Winkelmann, better known as Beeple. 

Having created an incredible digital art piece every day for the last 13 years, Beeple had already amassed an enviable following of 1.7M on Instagram as of the January 23 launch date. Since then, he has attracted significant attention from even mainstream media and saw one of his digital pieces sold on the secondary market for $6.6 million. Meanwhile, the B.20 token itself has seen a meteoric rise in value, growing more than 3000% in February alone.

The stage was set back in 2020 when Metapurse—an NFT fund and production company—purchased 20 pieces of digital artwork by Beeple for 2.2 million USD via Nifty Gateway. Fractionalizing ownership was the perfect way to accomplish the Metapurse team’s original vision: “What we want to do is to decentralize and democratize art, so token holders everywhere can share in a valuable piece of history and, in the process, create wealth for the entire community.”

The B.20 token effectively decentralizes the ownership of valuable artwork that would otherwise be out of reach for many people. At Metapalooza, token holders were given the opportunity to own a share of both the NFT art and three custom VR museums. This event marked a milestone, showcasing the NFT ecosystem as high value and on par with the traditional art space. It was also a pivotal moment in the history of crypto art, kicking off a period of incredible growth and mainstream adoption. 

World-renowned DJ 3LAU, who also participated in Metapalooza, has been an avid supporter of NFTs and their ability to generate more value for artists. Historically, musicians only capture around 12% of the $40B+ industry revenue in the U.S.—NFTs have the potential to completely change this. At the end of February, 3LAU sold the world’s first tokenized album—33 NFTs for more than $11M. 

Having been described as the “new hot tech thing,” mainstream adoption seems closer than ever as more people realize the potential of NFTs to disrupt an industry and put power back in the hands of creators. Digital marketplaces such as Rarible and Zora have simplified the process for creators who may not be familiar with blockchain technology but want to mint their own NFTs. And, following in the footsteps of NFT pioneers like Beeple and 3LAU, an increasing number of artists, athletes, and entertainers have shown an interest in the growing space. At the beginning of March, Kings of Leon announced their plan to release the band’s new album as an NFT. 

Meanwhile, a collage of Beeple's pieces is currently up for auction at Christie’s until March 11, setting another milestone—this is the first time that digital work has been sold as an NFT by a major auction house. As the space continues to evolve, Quantstamp is honored to have secured the B.20 token and proud to be part of this unfolding digital revolution.

Quantstamp secures the assets of your digital nation. Read about some of the other NFT projects we’ve helped secure.

Quantstamp 公告

Quantstamp 很荣幸能够获得智能合约,参与NFT领域最有价值的艺术项目之一的代币化。 

早在一月份,我们就参加了Metapalooza,这是一个庆祝metaverse艺术、音乐、文化的虚拟节日,最值得注意的是,我们推出了B.20,这是著名的加密艺术家Mike Winkelmann,也就是大家熟知的Beeple的代币化NFT捆绑产品。 


早在2020年,Metapurse--一家NFT基金和制作公司--就通过Nifty Gateway以220万美元的价格购买了Beeple的20件数字艺术品,这个舞台就已经搭建好了。将所有权碎片化是实现Metapurse团队最初愿景的完美方式。"我们想做的是让艺术去中心化和民主化,这样各地的代币持有者就可以分享一段宝贵的历史,并在这个过程中为整个社区创造财富。"


世界知名DJ 3LAU也参加了Metapalooza,他一直是NFTs及其为艺术家创造更多价值能力的狂热支持者。从历史上看,音乐人在美国400多亿美元的产业收入中只获得了12%左右的收入,NFTs有可能彻底改变这一状况。2月底,3LAU以超过1100万美元的价格售出了全球首张代币化专辑-33张NFT。

在被描述为"新的热门技术事物"之后,随着越来越多的人意识到NFTs颠覆一个行业的潜力,并将权力重新交到创作者手中,主流的采用似乎比以往任何时候都更接近。Rarible和Zora等数字市场已经简化了那些可能不熟悉区块链技术但想自己铸造NFTs的创作者的流程。而且,跟随Beeple和3LAU等NFT先驱的脚步,越来越多的艺术家、运动员和艺人对这个不断发展的领域表现出兴趣。3月初,Kings of Leon宣布他们计划以NFT的形式发行乐队的新专辑。

同时,Beeple的一幅拼贴作品目前正在佳士得拍卖行进行拍卖,直到3月11日,这也创造了另一个里程碑--这是数字作品首次被大型拍卖行作为NFT出售。随着空间的不断发展,Quantstamp 很荣幸能够获得B.20代币,并为成为这场正在展开的数字革命的一部分而感到自豪。

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