Quantstamp 有助于保护IDEX 2.0

Quantstamp Announcements
August 28, 2020

Quantstamp, a leading blockchain security company, has finished its audit of IDEX 2.0, a new, higher performance update to popular decentralized exchange IDEX. Security is one of the main issues holding back Decentralized Finance, so we’re happy to be helping IDEX scale to the next stage of their growth by auditing their latest platform.

Surpassing High Gas Fees

IDEX is one of the most popular Decentralized Exchanges, with over 300k users executing over $2billion in trades. By utilizing Optimistic Rollups, it aims to scale performance further. By batching transactionstransactiItons, and rolling them up into a Merkle tree, Optimistic Rollups allow IDEX to achieve strong performance in the midst of record-high gas fees

DeFi Security Challenges 

Quantstamp’s audit of IDEX helps make sure users are secure in an environment where significant funds are being lost in DeFi projects. While DeFi has seen skyrocketing growth to over $6B in value locked this year, security is also a challenge. Over $25M in value has been exploited this year in the Decentralized Finance space through hacks and exploits. 

Securing IDEX 2.0

Quantstamp is happy to have helped IDEX secure IDEX 2.0 through auditing the platform’s on-chain components. Four engineers audited the code from 6-08-2020 through 07-21-2020. In total, 11 issues were identified, mostly informational with 3 low risk issues. No high risk issues were found. Further information on the audit can be found in the audit report.

Quantstamp 公告

Quantstamp ,一家领先的区块链安全公司,已经完成了对IDEX 2.0的审计,IDEX 2.0是流行的去中心化交易所IDEX的一个新的、更高性能的更新。安全性是阻碍去中心化金融的主要问题之一,所以我们很高兴通过审计他们的最新平台,帮助IDEX扩展到下一个发展阶段。


IDEX是最受欢迎的去中心化交易所之一,有超过30万用户执行了超过20亿美元的交易。通过利用Optimistic Rollups,它的目标是进一步扩展性能。通过对交易进行批量化处理,并将其滚动到Merkle树中,Optimistic Rollups让IDEX在天然气费用创下新高的情况下也能实现强大的性能。



确保IDEX 2.0的安全

Quantstamp 很高兴通过审核平台上的链上组件,帮助IDEX保障了IDEX 2.0的安全。从2020年6-08月到2020年07-21日,四位工程师对代码进行了审计。共发现了11个问题,大部分是信息性问题,有3个低风险问题。没有发现高风险问题。关于审计的更多信息可以在审计报告中找到。

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