Quantstamp 完成对第二次ETH 2.0实施情况的审计。

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October 27, 2020

Quantstamp Completes Audit of 2nd ETH 2.0 Implementation 

Quantstamp has now completed its audit of Teku, the Ethereum 2.0 client developed by ConsenSys. This marks Quantstamp’s 2nd audit of an Ethereum 2.0 implementation: the Prysm client by Prysmatic Labs was audited by Quantstamp in July

“Ethereum 2.0 is on track to deliver Phase 0 in the very near future,” says Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma. “Client teams have spent countless hours coordinating, testing, and working with auditing firms to ensure that the foundation of Ethereum 2.0 is ready for delivery.” 

The audit included enforcing network consensus rules, maintaining consensus, and code that controls rewards and penalties for stakers. Quantstamp found the codebase to be of the highest quality and all findings were quickly resolved by the Teku development team. Quantstamp disclosed findings as they were discovered and the Teku team was highly collaborative throughout the process. 

Resolved findings include:

ETH 2.0 shards will eventually finalize data through the Beacon Chain. The Beacon Chain serves as the source of truth.

The Status of Ethereum 2.0

The deposit contract, the smart contract that accepts deposits from users intending to run Ethereum 2.0 validators, is expected to launch within weeks. Once deployed, users intending to validate transactions on the Beacon Chain will be able to submit their stakes. 

The Beacon Chain was extensively tested by all client teams. Two testnets, Zinken and Spadina, were created to test the genesis process of the Beacon Chain. In addition to genesis specific testnets, numerous other multi-client testnets were operating since April in order to fix bugs that would otherwise emerge on mainnet. Multiple attack bounties were paid out and are still available to individuals that can successfully disrupt consensus on testnets. 

The full transition to proof-of-stake is a multi-year process. When the Beacon Chain is launched, it will exist in parallel with the current Ethereum blockchain. The Beacon Chain will validate empty blocks and finalize empty epochs, and developers will observe how it operates under mainnet conditions. After the Beacon Chain is launched, development will focus on Phase 1 of Ethereum 2.0. In this phase, the base structure of the shard chains will be developed. It will not be until Phase 2 that shards store and validate Ethereum transactions.   

The migration of Ether and the DeFi ecosystem to Ethereum 2.0 is a high stakes process. Over 28 billion USD worth of Ether and other digital assets depend on the successful transition to proof-of-stake. We’re thrilled to have worked with the Teku team and look forward to the future of Ethereum.

Quantstamp 公告

Quantstamp 完成对第二次ETH 2.0实施情况的审计。 

Quantstamp 现在已经完成了对ConsenSys开发的Ethereum 2.0客户端Teku的审核。这标志着Quantstamp对Ethereum 2.0实现的第2次审核:Prysmatic Labs的Prysm客户端已于7月由Quantstamp 审核

"Ethereum 2.0正按计划在不久的将来交付0阶段,"Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma说。"客户团队已经花费了无数时间进行协调、测试,并与审计公司合作,以确保Ethereum 2.0的基础已经准备好交付。" 

审计内容包括执行网络共识规则、维护共识以及控制对押注者奖惩的代码。Quantstamp ,发现代码库质量最高,所有发现的问题都被Teku开发团队迅速解决。Quantstamp ,发现问题就披露,Teku团队在整个过程中高度协作。 


ETH 2.0的碎片最终会通过Beacon Chain来最终确定数据。烽火链作为真相的来源。

Ethereum 2.0的现状

存款合约是接受打算运行Ethereum 2.0验证器的用户存款的智能合约,预计将在几周内推出。一旦部署,打算在Beacon Chain上验证交易的用户将能够提交他们的赌注。 

所有客户团队都对Beacon Chain进行了广泛的测试。建立了两个试验网,即Zinken和Spadina,以测试信标链的生成过程。除了专门针对基因的测试网,自4月以来,许多其他多客户端测试网也在运行,以修复主网可能出现的错误。已经支付了多笔攻击赏金,并且仍然提供给能够成功破坏试验网共识的个人。 

全面过渡到股权证明是一个多年的过程。当Beacon Chain推出时,它将与当前的Ethereum区块链并行存在。烽火链将验证空区块并最终确定空纪元,开发者将观察它在主网条件下的运行情况。在Beacon Chain推出后,开发将集中在Ethereum 2.0的第一阶段。在这个阶段,碎片链的基础结构将被开发出来。直到第二阶段,碎片才会存储和验证Ethereum交易。   

以太坊和DeFi生态系统向Ethereum 2.0的迁移是一个高风险的过程。价值超过280亿美元的以太币和其他数字资产取决于成功过渡到股权证明。我们很高兴能与Teku团队合作,并期待着Ethereum的未来。

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