Quantstamp 社区更新--2020年9月

Quantstamp Announcements
October 5, 2020

DeFi hacks, securing Binance Smart Chain, 2nd ETH2 audit in progress, hackathons, virtual summits, and more...here’s what happened at Quantstamp in September.

DeFi Hacks

bZx was hacked for the third time this year which led to the loss of 8.1 million USD worth of assets. Hacks, exploits, and bugs like these continue to draw attention to the importance of audits, as well as the fact that audits can vary greatly in quality. 

Quantstamp Audits Binance Smart Chain

Quantstamp recently audited Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain that runs parallel to Binance Chain optimized for blockchain applications. Binance Smart Chain was created in order to incorporate DeFi applications into the Binance ecosystem. Quantstamp audited Binance Smart Chain’s consensus mechanism, the unique relayers that manage cross-chain communication, and genesis contracts. 

Currently Securing Teku by ConsenSys

Quantstamp is also in the process of securing Teku, the ETH2 client created by ConsenSys. Teku differs from other clients because it focuses specifically on the needs of enterprise and institutional stakers. The ETH2 Beacon Chain is anticipated to be launched near the end of this year.   

This audit will extend our experience auditing Layer 1 protocols, which now includes Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Avalanche and ETH2. For ETH2, we are not only auditing Teku, but also audited Prysm by Prysmatic Labs.

Other Recent Audits

ARCx: A synthetic asset game powered by Ethereum smart contracts. Users can earn ARC tokens for providing liquidity, using any token as collateral.

Frontier: Frontier is a chain-agnostic DeFi aggregation layer. Frontier introduces the concept of wallet composability to DeFi via TxLink, enabling applications like Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, Fortmatic, imToken, or any web3 mobile wallet that supports EIP-681 to interact with all of Frontierʼs native integrations. Users can participate in protocol tracking and management, staking, best-rate asset swapping, liquidity provision, CDP creation & monitoring, and more.

KeeperDAO (updates to protocol): KeeperDAO provides DeFi users with another way to earn yield by participating in liquidations. Liquidations are a way to ensure that collateralized lending markets are in a healthy state. The importance of this mechanism was demonstrated through Maker’s under-collateralization crisis that put their entire system at risk. Our team has audited KeeperDAO in the past and recently finished auditing updates to the KeeperDAO protocol.

Neutrino: Neutrino (USDN) is an algorithmic stablecoin, soft-pegged to the US Dollar and collateralized by WAVES. Neutrino is a multi-assetization protocol acting as an interchain toolkit for frictionless DeFi.

PerlinX: A DeFi project aiming to use synthetic assets to represent real-world assets such as oil and gold. Synthetic markets already exist in traditional finance and are an ideal fit for blockchain technology.

Serum: Serum is the world's first completely decentralized derivatives exchange with trustless cross-chain trading. 

Chasing Yield With DeFi Aggregators

The DeFi space has seen impressive innovation and traction over the last two years, with the total value locked in the DeFi ecosystem continuing to rise. As the space evolves, DeFi aggregators are emerging as a strong trend. As user-facing products built on decentralized infrastructure, DeFi aggregators unlock the potential for higher yields and a better user experience. Quantstamp is proud to have helped secure some of the industry’s leading DeFi aggregator projects including Idle Finance, Rari Capital, and Yearn. Learn more about each of these projects in this recent blog post.

Quantstamp Audits Layer 1 Blockchains

In addition to securing the applications that run on blockchain platforms, we also offer security services for base layer protocols. Our experience with base layer protocols includes ETH2, Avalanche, and Cardano. In this recent post, we describe what goes into a Layer 1 audit and highlight some of the unique mechanisms we have worked with.


Wine Not Talk about Ethereum?

“Wine Not Talk About Ethereum” was a unique and interactive event that took place on September 17. Not only was there a virtual wine tasting, but the event also brought together five ETH2 client teams and the Ethereum Foundation on a virtual event for the first time. ‍Sponsored by Cred and Quanstamp, the event was an opportunity for industry leaders and experts to share their insights with the crypto community.

Attendees learned about a wide range of topics related to Ethereum 2.0, the next evolution of one of the most important and innovative ecosystems in blockchain. 


Quantstamp is sponsoring MoneyDance, a virtual event merging a hackathon, summit, and demo day into one, kicking off on September 28. At the hackathon, developers will build projects using Avalanche and MoneyDance partners’ technology. The summit includes business and technical webinars led by industry experts. Finally, five hackathon finalists will have the opportunity to present to leading VCs and investors during the demo day.

Interested in building decentralized solutions that further democratize the financial markets? Find out more or register on the website.

LA Blockchain Summit

LA Blockchain Summit kicks off October 6-7th, hosting 200+ international industry leaders discussing the future of blockchain technology, decentralized finance, digital securities, and more. Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma will be part of a panel entitled Strong Privacy and Regulatory Compliance: Reasons We Can’t Pitch DeFi to Enterprises Yet. Visit the website to register for free.


How DeFi Is Reinventing The World's Financial System

The potential for DeFi to change the world is undeniable, but tackling security issues is crucial for continued growth. In his latest Forbes Tech Council article, How DeFi Is Reinventing The World's Financial System, Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma talks about some of the challenges facing the DeFi space. Read the full article.

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Quantstamp 公告

DeFi黑客、保障Binance智能链安全、第2次ETH2审核进行中、黑客大会、虚拟峰会等......以下是9月份Quantstamp 发生的事情。



Quantstamp 审核 Binance智能链

Quantstamp 最近审计了Binance Smart Chain,这是一个与Binance Chain并行运行的区块链,针对区块链应用进行了优化。创建Binance Smart Chain是为了将DeFi应用纳入Binance生态系统。Quantstamp ,审计了Binance Smart Chain的共识机制、管理跨链通信的独特中继器和创世合约。 


Quantstamp 也在保障ConsenSys创建的ETH2客户端Teku的安全。Teku不同于其他客户端,因为它特别关注企业和机构持仓者的需求。ETH2信标链预计将在今年年底附近推出。   




Frontier。 Frontier是一个与链无关的DeFi聚合层。Frontier通过TxLink为DeFi引入了钱包可组合性的概念,使Trust Wallet、Coinbase Wallet、MetaMask、Fortmatic、imToken或任何支持EIP-681的web3移动钱包等应用能够与Frontier的所有本地集成进行交互。用户可以参与协议跟踪和管理、盯梢、最佳利率资产交换、流动性提供、CDP创建和监控等。


Neutrino。 Neutrino (USDN)是一个算法稳定币,与美元软挂钩,由WAVES抵押。Neutrino是一个多asset化协议,作为无摩擦DeFi的链间工具箱。

PerlinX: 一个DeFi项目,旨在使用合成资产来代表现实世界的资产,如石油和黄金。传统金融中已经存在合成市场,是区块链技术的理想选择。

Serum。 Serum是世界上第一个完全去中心化的衍生品交易所 有着不可信任的跨链交易。 


过去两年,DeFi领域的创新和牵引力令人印象深刻,DeFi生态系统锁定的总价值持续上升。随着该领域的发展,DeFi聚合器正成为一种强劲的趋势。作为建立在去中心化基础设施上的面向用户的产品,DeFi聚合器释放了更高收益率和更好用户体验的潜力。Quantstamp 很荣幸能够帮助获得一些业界领先的DeFi聚合器项目,包括Idle Finance、Rari Capital和Yearn。在最近的这篇博文中了解更多关于这些项目的信息。

Quantstamp 审核第一层区块链





与会者了解了与Ethereum 2.0相关的广泛主题,Ethereum 2.0是区块链中最重要和最具创新性的生态系统之一的下一次进化。 


Quantstamp 正在赞助MoneyDance,这是一个将黑客马拉松、峰会和演示日合二为一的虚拟活动,将于9月28日启动。在黑客马拉松上,开发人员将使用Avalanche和MoneyDance合作伙伴的技术构建项目。峰会包括由行业专家主持的业务和技术网络研讨会。最后,五名黑客马拉松决赛选手将有机会在演示日期间向领先的风险投资机构和投资者进行展示。



洛杉矶区块链峰会将于10月6-7日拉开帷幕,邀请200多位国际行业领袖共同探讨区块链技术的未来、去中心化金融、数字证券等问题。Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma将参加题为"强大的隐私和监管合规性"的小组讨论。我们还不能向企业推销DeFi的原因。请访问网站免费注册



DeFi改变世界的潜力是不可否认的,但解决安全问题对持续增长至关重要。Quantstamp 首席执行官 Richard Ma 在其最新的福布斯技术委员会文章《DeFi 如何重塑世界金融体系》中谈到了 DeFi 领域面临的一些挑战。阅读全文

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November 11, 2020

Quantstamp Community Update - October 2020

‍Audit of Ethereum 2.0 client Teku, blockchain insurance, Open DeFi, virtual events, and more media coverage... here’s what happened at Quantstamp in October.‍

November 5, 2020

Why Bitcoin is Capturing Enterprise Attention

MicroStrategy made headlines this summer as the first publicly-traded company to buy Bitcoin as part of its capital allocation strategy. Since then, other companies have followed suit. Learn how current economic conditions and the unique properties of Bitcoin have driven these decisions.

October 28, 2020

Formally Verifying Hedera Hashgraph's Stablecoin Framework

Quantstamp created and formally verified a specification for Hedera Hashgraph stablecoins. This simplifies the process of creating safe stablecoins and also makes easier for partners to safely integrate them.

October 27, 2020

Quantstamp Completes Audit of 2nd ETH 2.0 Implementation

Quantstamp has now completed its audit of Teku, the Ethereum 2.0 client developed by ConsenSys. Quantstamp also audited Prysm by Prysmatic Labs.