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April 5, 2021

What’s Trending

NFT Index Funds: While NFTs continue to dominate the headlines, their non-fungible nature means they are quite illiquid, and NFT owners cannot earn an ROI without selling—until now. In our latest post, we explain how NFT index funds are unlocking liquidity, accessibility, and sustainable options for NFT owners. 💧 ✨

Public Companies Buying ETH: Software firm Meitu made waves as the first publicly-traded company to make a large purchase of ETH this month. The company stated that this $22M crypto purchase helps diversify its holdings away from cash and demonstrates the company’s willingness to embrace technological evolution. Expecting other companies to follow suit, CoinGecko has created an ongoing list of public companies adding ETH to their treasury. 🏦 Ξ

Visa Settling Transactions on Ethereum: An industry first took place on March 29, where Visa announced they will support transaction settlement in USDC over Ethereum. Initially, the company will work with Crypto.com as part of a pilot program. While this move may be a “small step” for their settlement platform, it is a major move towards integrating digital assets, and a huge milestone for the industry. 💸 💳

Notable Audits

🛡️ Flow: Flow is designed to optimize the user experience for entertainment, social, and gaming applications, and is best known for powering NBA Top Shots. We recently conducted several security engagements, involving both core smart contracts and those involved in transporting funds between Ethereum and BloctoSwap, a DEX running on Flow. Learn more about our work with the Flow ecosystem.

🏎️ Fuse: We recently audited Fuse, the latest product from Rari Capital, a non-custodial DeFi robo-advisor that earns yield autonomously. The idea behind Fuse is superfluid collateral: anything that has value can be borrowed against. With Fuse, users can create pools of assets that are their own distinct money markets. 

🏢 GYEN: As outlined in a recent post, Quantstamp has audited GYEN, the first regulated Japanese yen (JPY) stablecoin. The stablecoin is issued by GMO Trust, a subsidiary of financial and IT conglomerate GMO Internet Group, a market leader in Japan for internet infrastructure and many online businesses. 

🕹️ Illuvium: Coming in the third quarter of 2021, Illuvium is an open-world RPG adventure game built on Ethereum. Quantstamp recently secured the ERC20 and access control contracts, and is proud to be part of this industry milestone—Illuvium will be the first AAA gaming title built on blockchain.

🏆 MakerDAO: Quantstamp was pleased to audit Liquidations 2.0 (MIP 45), a proposed upgrade, and the Dai Peg Stability Module for the Maker ecosystem. Liquidations 2.0 enables flash loan liquidations and allows keepers to leverage all available liquidity with single block composability. MakerDAO has played a foundational role in DeFi and continues to demonstrate itself as a leader. Learn more about these audits and our work with Maker in our recent post.

Octaloop (Unblock 2021)

On March 9, Communications Manager Jaye Harrill presented What is a Digital Nation? - From Open Values Networks to Web 3. If you missed it, check out this video from ETHDenver where Jaye covers the evolution of DAOs, the rise of the “digital nation,” and some of the innovative projects Quantstamp has recently secured within the art, music, and gaming space.

How to sell art online in 2021: a beginner's guide to blockchain NFTs and rare digital goods

With NFTs exploding in popularity, some people are wondering how they can get started. We created this beginner-level tutorial to show you how to use a crypto wallet and sell your art online. Find the full post on our blog. 

Media Mentions 

📰 CoinTelegraph: Crypto industry’s first AAA quality game, Illuvium, closes $5M fundraiser

📰 CoinTelegraph: Mimo DeFi protocol: The world’s first decentralized euro stablecoin

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Quantstamp 公告


NFT指数基金。 虽然NFTs继续占据头条新闻,但它们的非互换性意味着它们的流动性相当低,NFT所有者不卖出就无法赚取投资回报率--直到现在。在我们最新的文章中,我们解释了NFT指数基金如何为NFT所有者释放流动性、可获得性和可持续选择。💧 ✨

上市公司购买ETH: 软件公司美图作为本月第一家大举购买ETH的上市公司,引起了轰动。该公司表示,这次2200万美元的加密货币购买有助于使其持有的加密货币多样化,摆脱现金,并表明该公司愿意拥抱技术发展。期待其他公司效仿,CoinGecko已经创建了一个持续的上市公司名单,将ETH添加到他们的宝库中。🏦 Ξ

Visa在Ethereum上进行交易结算。3 月29日,业内首次出现了Visa宣布他们将支持在Ethereum上进行USDC的交易结算。最初,该公司将与Crypto.com合作,作为试点计划的一部分。虽然此举对于他们的结算平台来说可能只是"一小步",但却是整合数字资产的重大举措,也是行业的巨大里程碑。💸 💳


↪So_1F6E1↩️Flow: Flow旨在优化娱乐、社交和游戏应用的用户体验,最著名的是为NBA Top Shots提供动力。我们最近进行了几项安全约定,涉及核心智能合约以及在Ethereum和BloctoSwap(一种在Flow上运行的DEX)之间传输资金的合约。了解更多关于我们与Flow生态系统的合作

↪So_1F3CE↩️ Fuse。 我们最近审核了Rari Capital的最新产品Fuse,这是一个非托管的DeFi机器人顾问,可以自主赚取收益。Fuse背后的理念是超流体抵押品:任何有价值的东西都可以借贷。通过Fuse,用户可以创建资产池,这些资产池就是自己独特的货币市场。 

↪So_1F3E2↩ GYEN: 正如在最近的一篇文章中所概述的那样,Quantstamp 已经审核了第一个受监管的日元(JPY)稳定币 GYEN。该稳定币由GMO Trust发行,GMO Trust是金融和IT集团GMO Internet Group的子公司,GMO Internet Group是日本互联网基础设施和许多在线业务的市场领导者。 

↪So_1F579↩️Illuvium。 将于2021年第三季度推出,Illuvium是一款建立在Ethereum上的开放世界RPG冒险游戏。Quantstamp 最近获得了ERC20和访问控制合同,并很自豪地成为这个行业里程碑的一部分--Illuvium将是第一个建立在区块链上的AAA游戏标题

↪So_1F3C6↩MakerDAO: Quantstamp 很高兴审核清算2.0(MIP 45),这是一个建议的升级,以及Maker生态系统的戴钉稳定模块。清算2.0实现了闪贷清算,并允许守业者利用所有可用的流动性与单块的可构成性。MakerDAO在DeFi中发挥了基础性作用,并继续证明自己是领导者。在我们最近的文章中了解更多关于这些审计和我们与Maker的合作。


3月9日,传播经理Jaye Harrill发表了《什么是数字国家?- 如果你错过了,可以看看这个来自ETHDenver的视频,Jaye在视频中介绍了DAO的演变、"数字国家"的兴起,以及Quantstamp 最近在艺术、音乐和游戏领域获得的一些创新项目。





↪So_1F4F0↩CoinTelegraph:Mimo DeFi协议:世界上第一个去中心化的欧元稳定币。

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November 11, 2020

Quantstamp Community Update - October 2020

‍Audit of Ethereum 2.0 client Teku, blockchain insurance, Open DeFi, virtual events, and more media coverage... here’s what happened at Quantstamp in October.‍

November 5, 2020

Why Bitcoin is Capturing Enterprise Attention

MicroStrategy made headlines this summer as the first publicly-traded company to buy Bitcoin as part of its capital allocation strategy. Since then, other companies have followed suit. Learn how current economic conditions and the unique properties of Bitcoin have driven these decisions.

October 28, 2020

Formally Verifying Hedera Hashgraph's Stablecoin Framework

Quantstamp created and formally verified a specification for Hedera Hashgraph stablecoins. This simplifies the process of creating safe stablecoins and also makes easier for partners to safely integrate them.

October 27, 2020

Quantstamp Completes Audit of 2nd ETH 2.0 Implementation

Quantstamp has now completed its audit of Teku, the Ethereum 2.0 client developed by ConsenSys. Quantstamp also audited Prysm by Prysmatic Labs.