Quantstamp 社区更新--2021年1月

Quantstamp Announcements
February 2, 2021

Crypto passes 1 trillion global market cap, auditing RAI and Zora, global collaborations...here’s what happened at Quantstamp in January.



Notable Audits

RAI by Reflexer Labs

RAI is a non-pegged, ETH backed stable asset built by Reflexer Labs. RAI is designed to be protected from drastic market shock with minimized governance, providing a new way to earn APY while reducing volatility for DeFi users.


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Zora is a marketplace to buy, sell, and trade limited-edition goods. Backed by VTF Capital and Variant Fund, Zora is building tools for creators to issue tokens around their creative practices and transferring power from corporations and platforms back to artists. By tokenizing these goods, prices can be dynamic and fractionally traded. 

Cryptex Finance

Cryptex is making waves by giving TCAP token holders real-time price exposure to the entire $1 trillion crypto market. TCAP is a decentralized stablecoin representative of the entire cryptocurrency complex by total market capitalization. 



For any revolutionary technology to be adopted, standards and specifications are critical in building the infrastructure needed to create products and services that can work together. Through the Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI), Quantstamp is collaborating with major names like Ford, Honda, and USAA to develop standards for smart mobility blockchain adoption. Learn more about MOBI and the work being done to facilitate the development of the transportation infrastructure of tomorrow. 

World Economic Forum

Quantstamp is contributing to a World Economic Forum working group that aims to help policymakers and central banks understand the critical issues involved with developing a central bank digital currency. This is not the first time that Quantstamp has worked with the World Economic Forum—Quantstamp also collaborated with the WEF in their effort to study blockchain’s ability to reduce corruption in government procurement in Colombia. Read more about Quantstamp’s work with the WEF in our recent blog post.

TRU Group

TRU creates digital products taking advantage of all the benefits of blockchain technology. Quantstamp and TRU recently signed an alliance to bring the benefits that blockchain technology offers to Latin America and the world. This agreement is designed to try to expand Quantstamp services throughout Latin America and TRU services globally, creating bridges for the construction of a more decentralized internet with security as a fundamental goal.


Hello Security Audit

Dr. Sebastian Banescu, Senior Research Engineer at Quantstamp recently presented at Hello Security Audit by Hello Decentralization.  

Sebastian presented on Defense in Depth for Blockchain Projects: Adding Multiple Security Layers to Your Dapp 🏗️ 🛡  and you can watch the full presentation on our YouTube channel.


On Saturday, January 23rd, we participated in MetaPalooza, a virtual festival celebrating metaverse art, music, culture, and—most notably—the launch of B.20, a tokenized NFT bundle by famed crypto artist Beeple. Quantstamp was honored to work with one of the most valuable art projects in the space. We are proud to be a part of the NFT revolution and  look forward to future ecosystem milestones as the space continues to grow. 

Read more about Metapurse, Beeple, or 3LAU, or learn about some of the other NFT projects we’ve helped secure.


Crypto Unstacked

On the latest episode of Crypto Unstacked, Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma discusses early trends from various DeFi, Layer 1 and NFT audits, economic attacks of 2020, insurance, and more. Listen to the full episode on Spotify.

The DeFi Download

In the latest episode of The DeFi Download by Radix DLT, Piers Ridyard interviews Krishna Sriram, Managing Director at Quantstamp. Listen to the full episode where they discuss the evolution of smart contract complexity, tips for DeFi projects, risk mitigation, insurance, and more.

Media Mentions

CoinTelegraph en Español: Quantstamp y TRU realizan alianza poniendo el foco en Latinoamérica

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Quantstamp 公告

Crypto突破1万亿全球市值、审计RAI和Zora、全球合作......这是1月份发生在Quantstamp 。




RAI by Reflexer Labs

RAI是由Reflexer Labs打造的非挂钩、ETH支持的稳定资产。RAI旨在通过最小化的治理来保护其免受剧烈的市场冲击,为DeFi用户提供一种新的赚取APY的方式,同时降低波动性。



Zora是一个购买、出售和交易限量版商品的市场。在VTF Capital和Variant Fund的支持下,Zora正在为创作者打造工具,围绕他们的创作实践发行代币,并将权力从企业和平台转移回艺术家手中。通过将这些商品代币化,价格可以是动态的,可以进行零碎交易。





要想采用任何革命性的技术,标准和规范对于建立创建能够共同工作的产品和服务所需的基础设施至关重要。通过"交通开放区块链倡议"(MOBI),Quantstamp 正在与福特、本田和USAA等大公司合作,为智能交通区块链的采用制定标准。了解更多关于MOBI的信息,以及正在进行的促进未来交通基础设施发展的工作。


Quantstamp 正在为世界经济论坛的一个工作组做出贡献,该工作组旨在帮助政策制定者和中央银行了解开发中央银行数字货币所涉及的关键问题。这不是Quantstamp 第一次与世界经济论坛合作--Quantstamp 还与世界经济论坛合作,研究区块链在哥伦比亚政府采购中减少腐败的能力。在我们最近的博客文章中阅读更多关于Quantstamp'与世界经济论坛的合作


TRU利用区块链技术的所有优势创造数字产品。Quantstamp 和TRU最近签署了一个联盟,将区块链技术带来的好处带到拉丁美洲和全世界。该协议旨在尝试将Quantstamp 的服务扩展到整个拉美地区,将TRU的服务扩展到全球,为构建一个以安全为根本目标的更加去中心化的互联网创造桥梁。



Sebastian Banescu博士,高级研究工程师,Quantstamp ,最近在Hello Decentralization的Hello安全审计上发表了演讲。  



1月23日星期六,我们参加了MetaPalooza,这是一个虚拟节日,庆祝metaverse艺术、音乐、文化,以及--最值得注意的是--由著名加密艺术家Beeple推出的代币化NFT捆绑产品B.20。Quantstamp 很荣幸能与该空间中最具价值的艺术项目之一合作。我们很自豪能够成为NFT革命的一部分,并期待着随着该空间的不断发展,未来生态系统的里程碑。 




在最新一集《Crypto Unstacked》中,Quantstamp CEO Richard Ma讨论了各种DeFi、Layer 1和NFT审计的早期趋势、2020年的经济攻击、保险等。在Spotify上听完整集


在Radix DLT的最新一集DeFi下载中,Piers Ridyard采访了Quantstamp 的总经理Krishna Sriram。听完整集,他们讨论了智能合约复杂性的演变、DeFi项目的技巧、风险缓解、保险等问题。


CoinTelegraph en Español: Quantstamp 与TRU实现了合作,将重心放在拉丁美洲。

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November 11, 2020

Quantstamp Community Update - October 2020

‍Audit of Ethereum 2.0 client Teku, blockchain insurance, Open DeFi, virtual events, and more media coverage... here’s what happened at Quantstamp in October.‍

November 5, 2020

Why Bitcoin is Capturing Enterprise Attention

MicroStrategy made headlines this summer as the first publicly-traded company to buy Bitcoin as part of its capital allocation strategy. Since then, other companies have followed suit. Learn how current economic conditions and the unique properties of Bitcoin have driven these decisions.

October 28, 2020

Formally Verifying Hedera Hashgraph's Stablecoin Framework

Quantstamp created and formally verified a specification for Hedera Hashgraph stablecoins. This simplifies the process of creating safe stablecoins and also makes easier for partners to safely integrate them.

October 27, 2020

Quantstamp Completes Audit of 2nd ETH 2.0 Implementation

Quantstamp has now completed its audit of Teku, the Ethereum 2.0 client developed by ConsenSys. Quantstamp also audited Prysm by Prysmatic Labs.