Quantstamp 社区更新--2020年8月

Quantstamp Announcements
September 2, 2020

DeFi hacks, Layer 1 audits, and more media coverage. Here’s what happened at Quantstamp in August:

DeFi Hacks

An exploit of decentralized options platform Opyn resulted in 371k USDC being lost. Weeks later, a bug in the rebasing mechanism of Yam Finance, a popular (yet risky and unaudited) yield farming platform, resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of funds being lost.

DeFi hacks, exploits, and bugs which result in funds lost increase attention to the importance of audits, as well as the fact that not all audits are the same. By working with top projects in the space, we aim to solidify our position as a reputable and high quality security company.



We are happy to be helping secure Cardano, a highly anticipated Layer 1 blockchain using Proof of Stake. Cardano launched its Shelley mainnet late July, allowing users who own ADA to start staking for rewards. 

In addition to auditing the Cardano blockchain, we also audited Daedalus, the wallet made for Cardano users. 


Quantstamp recently helped secure Avalanche, another Layer 1 protocol using a directed acyclic graph (DAG) and a unique consensus protocol. Avalanche aims to bring DeFi to traditional global finance by integrating compliance into the protocol layer. Through this audit, Quantstamp provides a safe foundation for the globally traded assets that Avalanche intends to manage.  

Avalanche joins the list of numerous Layer 1 decentralized protocols that Quantstamp has audited, along with Cardano and ETH 2.0. 

Curve Finance 

We recently audited Curve Finance’s liquidity mining contracts. These contracts support the staking and voting mechanisms of CurveDAO, Curve’s decentralized governance system. Curve is the leading DEX for stable asset swaps, and we were happy to support their security.  



2020 has been a milestone year for stablecoins, which experienced record-setting transaction volumes of more than $90 billion in Q1 alone. In this recent post, we cover some of the stablecoins we’ve secured including stablecoins pegged to the Indonesian rupiah, the British pound, the Nigerian naira, and the Singaporian dollar. 

DeFi Shaping the Future of Finance


DeFi is changing the future of finance, and Quantstamp is proud to be a part of that. Our latest article talks about key projects at this frontier and how they are helping people save better, trade more efficiently, and earn yield on their assets. 



Fork the World

On August 5, Communications Manager Jaye Harill introduced ETH 2.0 as part of Fork the World, a hackathon organized by MetaCartel DAO.


Quantstamp Communications Manager Jaye Harrill joined Hayden Adams from Uniswap and lawyer Badri Natarajan at Edcon for a conversation about DeFi. Watch the recording here.


Blockchain Village 2020

Quantstamp Research Engineers Sebastian Banescu, Poming Lee, and Martinet Lee spoke at Blockchain Village on security issues involving gas, BSV, and systemic threats. Our team also supported the event by volunteering in the Discord. DEFCON Safe Mode was the name for this year. Find more details about their talk on the Blockchain Village site

Wine Not Talk about Ethereum?

Sponsored by Cred and Quanstamp, “Wine Not Talk About Ethereum 2.0?” features industry leaders and experts sharing their insights with the crypto communities. To spice things up, there will be wine available for ticket holders—Duckhorn Vineyards (Wine Spectator's 2017 Wine of the Year) will be doing a wine tasting alongside the speaker panel. 

The panel will cover a range of topics related to Ethereum 2.0, the next evolution of one of the most important and innovative ecosystems in blockchain. Register here.


In The Media


Decrypt Media covered our audit of IDEX 2.0 this month. IDEX is launching a new version of their popular decentralized exchange that will feature optimistic rollups, a Layer 2 scaling solution. We were happy to help IDEX and other projects safely incorporate Layer 2 solutions into their existing applications.  Read the full article.


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Quantstamp 公告

DeFi黑客、第一层审计,还有更多的媒体报道。以下是8月份发生在Quantstamp 。


去中心化期权平台Opyn的一次漏洞导致37.1万美金的资金损失。几周后,热门(但风险大且未经审核)收益率养殖平台Yam Finance的重计费机制出现bug,导致价值数十万的资金损失。







Quantstamp 最近帮助确保了Avalanche的安全,Avalanche是另一个使用有向无环图(DAG)和独特共识协议的第一层协议。Avalanche旨在通过将合规性融入协议层,将DeFi带入传统的全球金融。通过此次审计,Quantstamp ,为Avalanche打算管理的全球交易资产提供了安全基础。

Avalanche与Cardano和ETH 2.0一样,加入了Quantstamp 审核过的众多第一层去中心化协议名单。 


我们最近对Curve Finance的流动性挖掘合约进行了审计。这些合约支持CurveDAO的盯盘和投票机制,Curve的去中心化治理系统。Curve是稳定资产互换的领先DEX,我们很高兴能支持他们的安全。  






DeFi正在改变金融的未来,Quantstamp 很荣幸能成为其中的一员。 我们最新的文章谈到了这一前沿的关键项目,以及它们如何帮助人们更好地储蓄,更有效地交易,并赚取资产的收益。 




8月5日,通信经理Jaye Harill介绍了ETH 2.0,作为MetaCartel DAO组织的黑客马拉松Fork the World的一部分。


Quantstamp 传播经理Jaye Harrill与Uniswap的Hayden Adams和律师Badri Natarajan一起参加了Edcon关于DeFi的对话。 在此观看录音。



Quantstamp 研究工程师Sebastian Banescu、Poming Lee和Martinet Lee在区块链村就涉及天然气、BSV和系统性威胁的安全问题发表了演讲。我们的团队也通过在Discord做志愿者来支持这次活动。DEFCON安全模式是今年的名字。在 区块链村网站上找到更多关于他们演讲的细节。


由Cred和Quanstamp赞助,"酒不谈Ethereum 2.0?"由行业领袖和专家与加密社区分享他们的见解。为了让事情更精彩,持票者将有葡萄酒可供选择--Duckhorn Vineyards(Wine Spectator的2017年年度葡萄酒)将在演讲者小组旁进行葡萄酒品鉴。 

该小组将涵盖一系列与Ethereum 2.0相关的主题,Ethereum 2.0是区块链中最重要和最具创新性的生态系统之一的下一个演变。请在此注册




解密媒体本月报道了我们对IDEX 2.0的审核。IDEX正在推出他们流行的去中心化交易所的新版本,该版本将采用乐观的滚动,即第2层扩展解决方案。我们很高兴帮助IDEX和其他项目安全地将第2层解决方案纳入他们现有的应用程序。 阅读全文


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November 11, 2020

Quantstamp Community Update - October 2020

‍Audit of Ethereum 2.0 client Teku, blockchain insurance, Open DeFi, virtual events, and more media coverage... here’s what happened at Quantstamp in October.‍

November 5, 2020

Why Bitcoin is Capturing Enterprise Attention

MicroStrategy made headlines this summer as the first publicly-traded company to buy Bitcoin as part of its capital allocation strategy. Since then, other companies have followed suit. Learn how current economic conditions and the unique properties of Bitcoin have driven these decisions.

October 28, 2020

Formally Verifying Hedera Hashgraph's Stablecoin Framework

Quantstamp created and formally verified a specification for Hedera Hashgraph stablecoins. This simplifies the process of creating safe stablecoins and also makes easier for partners to safely integrate them.

October 27, 2020

Quantstamp Completes Audit of 2nd ETH 2.0 Implementation

Quantstamp has now completed its audit of Teku, the Ethereum 2.0 client developed by ConsenSys. Quantstamp also audited Prysm by Prysmatic Labs.